Student Blog Challenge

Purpose: I want to provide opportunities for students to participate in authentic writing experiences that expand beyond the scope of the classroom. Students are encouraged to explore their own interests while continuing to improve their writing and analytical skills. The goal is to have the blog continue to grow and be used once my students have left my class.

Student Charge: Students will be tasked with creating and maintaining a blog and will be expected to make one new post a month. Students are encouraged to write more, but only one a month is required. Students should also be actively participating in open discussions on issues highlighted on the class blog by adding thoughtful and analytical comments on student posts.

Getting Started

Assessment: Students will be graded on the precision of weekly posts, quality of the analysis, and comments left on the posts of fellow classmates.

Student Samples:

Good Hooks & Even Better Books


Houston Was My First Love

Public Schools Need to Chill

The Urban Poet